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AMERICA: We Won! You Lost!

I began writing this article shortly after the election, spurred on by the inundation of election analysis coverage that continued to miss the mark; of what really happened, what was really at stake and where people should truly be focusing their attention.

Like everyone else still reeling from this election cycle, it has taken some time to digest the scope of what did, and is, still occurring.

For those now exhausted due to the overwhelming saturation of political discourse that has been thrust in our face 24/7 for well over a year, I urge you to not give in to the natural desire to withdraw. It is no accident that this highly charged election cycle has left people drained and drowning, eager to return to their lives and hungry for normalcy.  

The 2016 Presidential election has offered insight, information and rare opportunities never before available to us. If we collectively fail to seize and utilize what we have gained over these long, hard months, we will again be doomed to repeat it.

Insular Media Analysis: The Beat Goes On
Journalists, pundits and the people themselves continue down the path of questioning parties and personalities - and are still getting it wrong.

As news and articles pour forth surrounding the 2016 Presidential general election, there’s plenty of finger-pointing, analysis, speculation, and opinions about what, why, where and how it happened.

While the narratives range widely on many subjects, one consistency I’ve noticed is every narrative is being discussed but the one that really matters; the utter subversion of America’s democratic process to the detriment of the people as a whole.

Maybe no one is really discussing it because the road traveled to get us to the general election is just too messy and complicated to explain.

Maybe it’s because what happened to democracy over the last year is already considered “ancient history” by those who now view the world through the 140-character lens of Twitter.

Maybe it’s because after so many years of propaganda being relentless poured into the ears, minds and hearts of Americans, they no longer recognize what the primary story is anymore.

Or maybe it’s just too dangerous too talk about lest someone lose their job – or their life.

Regardless of why the current media narratives and analysis are avoiding the obvious, the real story is not about Trump or Clinton, Democrats or Republicans, but instead is about how the people of America got hosed and will continue getting hosed until we start taking back the narrative and framing it in ways that serve the people, the nation and future generations.

The Real Reason Trump Won
While everyone is running around trying to analyze voters, polling data and demographics to understand why Trump was elected, let’s actually ask an American voter what they think, that voter being me.

I was a long time registered Democrat and routinely checked every Democratic box for years, with some smattering of independent candidates here and there if I liked their platform.

I have also been a long-time opponent of the Republican Party’s ideology, philosophies, candidates and actions. I have considered them to be hypocrites of the highest order and the most dangerous threat to the democratic republic of our nation. Childish, terrified of their own shadow – including change in any form - obstinate, self-righteous, arrogant, prideful, racists, rude, the list goes on and on.

I have lost friends over our political ideological divide, have protested various Republican platforms and have argued vehemently for Democrats, as I believed they most embodied certain founding democratic principles of our nation such as liberty, justice and freedom from tyranny.

Despite my long-standing history with the Democratic party as outlined above, I am no longer a registered Democrat, did not vote for Clinton (nor any other Democrat for that matter) but instead aligned myself with any anti-Clinton and anti-Democrat platforms available.

I vigorously pointed out Clinton’s shortcomings, lies and crimes in every political conversation I engaged in and did not admonish Trump supporters, despite my internal cringing at their enthusiasm for this flimflam Man of the Century.


It was always understood among Democrats that there was a war going on in America, a war against Republic ideology and we were soldiers in that war.  Except, Hillary Clinton embodied, through her life-long political career, the very antithesis of what it means to be a Democrat. 

Clinton was a Democrat in name only; a Wall Street whore, a hawk, a liar, a hypocrite and champion of the elite, not a warrior for the people.

She and her family have more tentacles in more corruption, more crimes against humanity, and more abuse of power than any known politician of the modern era. But she was also much more than that.

She was also an “installed” candidate, chosen by an utterly corrupted political party, who placed the party’s desires over the people they were suppose to represent, who colluded, conspired, and defrauded their base and who lied, cheated and ridiculed anyone who opposed their manipulations.

Hillary Clinton’s anointment as the new Democratic “queen” shattered the myth that the Democrats stood for the people and arrogantly dismissed those who challenged their utter betrayal to the principles they were suppose to represent.

Clinton’s vast political empire, combined with the Democratic machine, exposed just how deep the rabbit hole went; from media and journalists across the nation to kings and leaders across the world. Wall Street was worshiped, CEOs were courted, moles were planted, an army of trolls employed, money was stolen, Secretary of States enlisted, Charters were violated, polling places were slashed, exit polls were adjusted, and the insiders plotted on how to subvert the rising tide of Sanders, no matter what they had to do to subvert the democratic process.

On a personal level, my request to the FBI in May for an investigation and action went unanswered, my request for investigations from the Secretary of State in June went ignored. My pleas to the Democratic leadership fell on deaf ears and my concerns lobbed at multiple media outlets disappeared like countless other before them. And I was not alone.

People all over the country, from Arizona to New York, Chicago to California, were crying “foul” during the primary season and no one would listen, no action was taken, no real investigations initiated, no real reporting on the potential fraud, voter suppression or electioneering the people were being subjected to ever occurred.

Instead, all those who were suppose to be protecting democracy appeared complicit in its demise; from the FBI to Rachael Maddow and everyone in between.  It wasn’t talked about it during the primaries and is still not being talked about today - but it lies at the heart of the Trump victory.

It was the unseen, unheard, unreported story of the election found only in snippets on social and alternative media. Though a handful of lawsuits were announced, nothing ever materialized; except the deaths of a string of people associated with either Clinton or the Democratic Party.

Because there was no accountability for the crimes against the people, the integrity of our elections, our democracy or towards the Clinton/Democratic Cartel, the only place left to go for the people to try to obtain any accountability at all was the ballot box.

Of course, that’s assuming all those votes were actually cast for Trump or Clinton to begin with.

The Missing Narrative:  Election Fraud
While there has been much hullabaloo about voter fraud for many years now from the Republicans, little is said about election fraud from either side of the aisle. That’s because alleging voter fraud is a great way to control who gets to vote without addressing the very real dangers of election fraud, which can benefit both parties at any time depending on who America’s handlers want to see win.

Most of the people I’ve talked to don’t recognize the difference between voter fraud and election fraud and I don’t think that’s an accident.  Voter fraud is committed by the one casting the vote. Election fraud is committed by those counting the votes.

Despite scant evidence of actual voter fraud occurring nationally, the promotion of fear regarding voter fraud is a great way to get the people to eyeball each other suspiciously and still allows people an outlet for that nagging “rigged” feeling they always get around elections. It’s also a great way to deflect from the very real threat of election fraud that gets very little publicity, despite its much more serious nature.

Evidence of election fraud determining the outcome of our elections has been steadily growing since the 2000 presidential elections.

Clinton Curtis testified before the House Judiciary Committee on December 13, 2004, about how he unwittingly helped design election fraud software to steal votes from the machines. The stream of election fraud complaints, articles, demonstrations, and experiences have been widely documented nationally since then.  If you’re interested in verifying this for yourself, here’s a page with links to videos, books, documentaries, testimonies, and articles chronicling the fraud over the years.

A great record of irregularities, fraud, voter purging, voter suppression and other 2016 election shenanigans can also be found at Sane Progressives blog, Election Fraud 2016.

For those willing to dive into the exit poll evidence of fraud that Curtis Clinton warned Congress about, Richard Charnin has a lot to say at his website and his blog.

Charnin’s vast exit poll discrepancies are also supported by a paper issued by independent researchers Axel Geijsel of Tilburg University and Rodolfo Cortes Barragan of Stanford Univeristy asserting it was a 1 in 77 billion chance Hillary won the primary without widespread election fraud. 

Election Justice issued a 100-page report in July 2016, titled “Democracy Lost: A Report On The Fatally Flawed 2016 Democratic Primaries” while they simultaneously attempted to legally challenge multiple states regarding widespread voter suppression and irregularities.

There’s Greg Palast excellent long-standing investigative journalism into how our elections were, and continue to be rigged to promote particular outcomes, including his new documentary, The Best Elections Money Can Buy (available on Amazon or Vimeo) and election integrity advocates such as TrustVote and Black Box Voting  who have been studying American election fraud for years and trying to remedy it.

There’s also the treasure trove of hacked emails and documents about the Democratic party and the Clinton campaign from Guccifer and WikiLeaks, all indicating collusion and conspiracy to defraud voters nationally.

If that weren’t enough, the Obama Administration accused Russia of potential election meddling (while simultaneously denying our electoral integrity was in question) and urged ‘state and local election officials to be vigilant and seek cybersecurity assistance’ from the Department of Homeland Security.”

Homeland Security began issuing warnings about potential election tampering a month before we headed to the polls as well stating in October that:

“Hack-based threats to the election process ‘ aren’t just in the future – they are here today’ the DHS said in a release on its site.  “In recent months, malicious cyber actors have been scanning a large number of state systems, which could be a preamble to attempted intrusions.  In a few cases, we have determined that malicious actors gained access to state voting-related systems.”

They went on to say that despite that access, the department “had no evidence of data being manipulated.” 

Of course, that was before the election and no official is asking - or telling - what might be found should a serious probe be initiated into our national election results.

While top officials speak of needing to protect our election integrity from foreign interference, they completely ignore or downplay both the potentials and realities of domestic tampering.

For example, in Ohio (home of some of the shadiest election integrity stories to be found), taxpayers funded new voting machines equipped with brand new anti-hacking security features, which also finally allowed machine votes to be audited and counted. 

Except the man in charge of insuring the integrity of Ohio’s vote, Secretary of State Jon Husted’s, was allowing officials to TURN OFF the new security features with no explanation as to why.  He even sent a team of lawyers to argue in front of a judge as to why they shouldn’t be enabled.  Want to hear what the judge said? Click Here.

And now, within just days after the general election, some are already starting to find election irregularities and evidence of election fraud, such as professor of media studies at New York University, Mark Crispin Miller recent share of Jonathan Simon’s analysis alleging exit poll data indicates the general were indeed rigged, but for Trump not Clinton. Richard Charnin is again raising flags between exit poll data versus reported votes in the general election as well. 
If you’d rather get a more summarized version of our election integrity problems, a good place to start is “U.S. Elections Ranked Worst Among Western Democracies. Here’s Why” by Pippa Norris. 

As it stands, there is currently more evidence available today regarding wide spread election irregularities and fraud for the 2016 election cycle than has ever been publicly accessible before. Yet, few are talking about it, presenting the evidence, asking the hard questions or challenging the integrity of our election results.  Why?

The “Rigged System” Everyone Believes But No One Embraces
Donald Trump used people’s knowledge and suspicion of rigged elections to fan the flames of discontent about our nation’s multi-level corruption.  He fired up his base with promises that it was “rigged” and warned of potentially violent protests in the streets by his supporters should he lose.  Turns out, it’s now the Democrats being billed as “sore losers” for taking it to the streets to protest the election results.

What’s truly astounding though is how those same Trump supporters who growled in anticipation of a rigged election now suddenly embrace the election results as having integrity because their “team won”.

Meanwhile, supporters of Hillary Clinton didn’t have the slightest problem admitting how the primary election was rigged against Senator Sanders; rigging the election results then was okay but now they are screaming at the lack of integrity of our election process - but only because their “team lost”.

What’s missing from everybody’s narrative is rigged elections are NOT OKAY under any circumstances, whether your team won or lost.  What was rigged in your favor today may not be rigged in your favor tomorrow.  There are plenty of allegations of election fraud being committed by both parties, in all states, depending on the candidates and election cycles for many years now.

Somehow, while everyone is quick to embrace the idea that American elections are rigged if their candidate loses, they are equally quick to feel assured that our election system has integrity if their candidate wins.

Over this election cycle, I’ve talked to scores of individuals who openly discuss election fraud in a very matter of fact way and then in the next breath, discuss the candidates as if there was really going to be an honest election.

If you have ever believed our elections are rigged, it’s time to start actually embracing it as a real danger to our nation. Rigged elections are just that. The people of America will never be free to chart their own course, no matter what direction that may take, if someone else is deciding the outcome of our elections for us and “installing” our representatives against our wishes.

The Most Dangerous Man In The World
While many media pundits, journalists and citizens are mumbling (or screaming) that Trump has now become the most dangerous man in the world, the truth is, he's not.

The most dangerous man in the world was already taken out of the race and that’s why he was taken out of the race; because of his imminent threat and danger to the corrupt status quo.

What makes Senator Sanders more dangerous than Trump is his ability to remind people that they are the government, they are the change, and they are the power they have been looking to others to bestow upon them.

Bernie was changing minds, changing attitudes, and changing actions that were giving rise to people rejecting their powerlessness and embracing the fact that we are the many and they are the few.  There is nothing more dangerous to the masters than the people waking up to their own individual and collective power.

This is also why the oligarch controlled media was told to stand down on their collective coverage of Senator Sanders, even while his rallies were drawing tens of thousands of people.

The real war for democracy in America occurred in the primaries and specifically within the Democratic Party, which also included many Republicans who joined for the sole purpose of uniting with Sanders vision of a different future for America, one in stark contrast to the rubble we have become accustomed to and are serving up around the globe.

Once Sanders was out of the race and brought to heel by the powers-that-be, only two life-long con artists remained in the running for President of the U.S., both of which have been a part of, and are beholden to, the corrupt establishment that brought us here.

In other words, the greatest threat to the fascist oligarch state had been absorbed into the system and true democracy instituted of, by and for the people had been successfully subverted again.

Drink The Kool-Aid
Again and again, the media told us that Trump and Clinton were the most unpopular candidates ever to participate in a U.S. election.  From what I saw, this was one of the few true things the mainstream media reported.

Yet today, people are running around clinging to their candidate as if that candidate was the gold standard because of the “other” candidate. Trump and Sanders supporters who expressed so much concern about election rigging during this election cycle don’t want to challenge the election results lest the “other” come out victorious. 

In the Big Game of politics, there are those who are cheering because their team won and those who are crying because their team lost. 

Nobody is addressing who really lost; the American people as a whole. 

Thanks to our political duopoly, the American public was forced, harassed and intimidated into voting for only one of two candidates, both of which were the least liked, trusted or wanted in the history of the United States at a critical time in a world desperate for real change.

As I saw Hillary Clinton politely announce Donald Trump was our new President and urged her supporters to accept him with an open mind and allow him the chance to lead, I couldn’t help but think; this was the same woman as Secretary of State who was instrumental in coercing Latin American countries to “accept” the coup that installed President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras. Now she’s urging her own countrymen to have the same reaction regarding President Elect Trump. 

Just go with it, see were it will lead, support the “peaceful transition of power” that is the hallmark of our great democracy, nothing we can do now, and it’s a done deal.  All these messages are being repeated over and over again, a tactic that lies at the heart of, and defines successful propaganda.

But why should we drink the Kool-Aid when we already know, those doing this counseling have rarely had our collective interests at heart.  And for those Trump supporters who have forgotten he is still one of the most “unpopular” candidates in history but hoped he’d shake things up with ethics, look no further than the long-standing political insiders he is surrounding himself with to know – nothings changing baby.

Who’s Coming To Your Defense
Protests regarding the election results are just now finally hitting the streets amid national calls for the protesters to respect both our democracy and our laws. In true irony, apparently, the only ones who are suppose to show respect is the public, despite the fact that those in power have showed no respect for our system, us or people around the world for a very long time.

The narrative goes on to say, only We the People, are not allowed to commit violence while those who stride the halls of power undermine our government, sell our people and our nation out to the highest bidder, lie, cheat, steal and spit in our face if we dare raise our heads in protest. 

While our veterans come home (if they came home at all) with missing limbs and fractured minds to fight foreign wars that have only enriched the few versus the many, the people’s feeble protests at the long-standing violence directed against them physically, mentally, emotionally and financially is mocked, ridiculed, and hailed as the real danger to our nation.

With no mechanisms now in place for accountability or enforcement for those operating a system no longer connected to the public at large, it’s become a feeding frenzy of corruption fueled by our money, time and lives, of which we have no say in its investments.

While die-hard Second Amendment advocates cling to their guns for protection, I can only wonder what exactly it is they are protecting besides some illegally grazed cows in the middle of the desert. Meanwhile, their fellow citizens and nation has been, and continues to be, betrayed on a daily basis by those who pull our strings with the only visible “enemy” in our sights being each other.

Is this an advocacy for violent protests or violent revolution? No.

What it is an advocacy for is a collective waking up because each and every one of us is being played.

I, for one, have not given up on the Political Revolution because it’s a revolution of mind, a revolution of power.  We are constrained only by the limits of our imagination, our willingness to capitulate our dreams and our desire to confront what we fear most.

I don’t care what the media, the pundits, the politicians or the lawyers say is “reality”.

Bernie Sanders was, and is, my President.  If the primary polls were right, he would have been yours too. He was truly the choice of the people who were denied democracy.  That’s the real story everyone should be talking about and taking actions to rewrite it.

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