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Well, now everyone’s all aflutter about Donald Trump being the presumptive nominee for the GOP. 

Within just a day of Trumps victory in Indiana, you can see the corporate-sponsored surrogates pretending to stumble in disbelief, acting as though they were shell-shocked at the domination of votes that catapulted him to the top.

Only keeping a partial eye on what the media whores have to say, I noticed an immediate ratcheting up of 'FearThe Donald' rhetoric now flooding our airwaves.  I dare say, they have just begun their campaign of fear for America’s future.

Well, I have had a conspiracy theory for quite some time about Donald Trumps entry into the Republican Presidential race that I’d like to share.  So everyone pull out their tinfoil hats and come along for the ride.

Connecting The Dots

First, you have to be familiar with how the American government elites figured out how to take down a democracy through covert means.  This was implemented by the CIA in Iran in 1953 as so beautiful detailed in the documentary, American Coup-TheMovie.

Second, one must be versed in how the CIA perfected this method through trial and error in Latin America, as chronicled in detail by author John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hitman.  If you’re not the reading type, check out the film documentary version in “Apologies of an Economic Hitman”.

Skipping forward (with no disrespect intended for the millions who greatly suffered and died during this period), we can watch with perfect clarity how Secretary Clinton’s role in Honduras continued to follow the CIA’s take-down-a-democracy script without a single deviation. 

Now that we have this critical background – including how election rigging was an integral part of the coups, we can reflect on the ongoing and growing reports of election rigging in our own country. 

After all, if ANY country was worthy of a coup, surely it would be the United States with a military that spends as much as the next nine largest military's in the world combined and is ranked #1 in the world overall. (It’s second in terms of boots-on-the-ground forces but that statistic doesn't mention if they are including all our privately contracted soldier/mercenaries or not).

So, if you have the world’s most powerful military, you wouldn’t just let anybody be Commander In Chief, would you?  So how does the global elite ensure that not just anybody can control our military or our global multi-national policies? 

The answer is blatantly simple; you rig the elections.

This allows the sheeple to THINK they are in a democracy and keeps their mouths shut when their candidate loses.  Ahh…our team lost.  Maybe next time.

How To Rig An Election AND Make The People Feel Good About It

So who is the “cauldron tested globalist” now favored by the so-called liberal media? Hillary Clinton.

And who is her, OMG, I-Can-Do-Anything-I-Won’t-Lose-Voters (read votes), opponent?  Donald Trump.

And how exactly does Donald Trump pulverize the Republican opposition and take the GOP presumptive Presidential nomination when he has been consistently polling unfavorably with the majority of Americans?

How can you say the outrageous things he says, do the outrageous things he’s does, hang around with the most lowly scumbags around like he does – with no threat of consequence whatsoever – and still be pummeling the ballot box like there’s no other competition in the field?  And if that’s not enough, it’s almost as if he has left a deliberate trail of obscenities in his wake for opponents to grind on about in the coming months before the general election.

Again, the obvious answer is: the election is rigged.

Meanwhile, the corporately sponsored media has adored him for it.  CNN has been so bad, we started calling it the The Trump Channel, despite the fact that some have claimed Turner Broadcasting, the parent company of CNN, was Clinton’s 8th largest donor.   

Turned out, none of the other mainstream media sources are any better.

With respect to their non-stop “Trump Land” coverage, they have argued that whenever Trump was mentioned online, ratings shot through the roof and so, they claimed, they were gonna ride that pony till it dropped; never mind ethics or professionalism.  Let’s just blame it all on the love of money, shall we?  After all, everyone knows what whores we are.  Right?

Yet a recent expose by Bloomberg in How To Hack An Election revealed that one of the main strategies for hacking an election was to create false online comments and support. The man who made that claim, Andres Sepulveda, is now sitting in a Colombian prison for orchestrating election fraud by doing just that.

In the article, he states, 'My job was to do actions of dirty war and psychological operations, black propaganda, rumors - the whole dark side of politics…'. 

He also claimed to have created a software program now called Social Media Predator that employed an army of Twitterbots to help him 'manipulate public debate as easily as moving pieces on a chessboard'.  One of his most profound statements also included, 'I realized that people believe what the Internet says more than reality'. 

While mainstream media is excusing their whorish behavior by citing online Donald activity and their ratings going through the roof whenever his name is mentioned, they never examine or expose how easy it is to manipulate those “trending” activities, as Sepulveda so aptly figured out.  And not only did he figure it out, he used those exact trends to manipulate and influence elections, which is why he is sitting in a Colombian jail today.

But what if mainstream media’s role is more than just being their modern whorish self?  What if they are active participants in the same election rigging techniques employed by Sepulveda, only on a much grander scale?  Could that explain their non-stop Trump and Hillary coverage for all these months?

But if you were going to rig an election, why choose Donald Trump?

Donald’s Already Been Neutered

Yesterday, I heard Thom Hartman on the Thom Hartman Show explain to his final caller that he believed that 'Trump would be neutered' by the establishment now that he is the GOP presumptive nominee.  Hartman cited Trumps long-known ties to the mob and organized crime, which would effectively make him vulnerable to blackmail and thus playing ball, a.k.a. neutered. I vehemently disagree!

In a strange coincidence, the only reason I caught Thom’s answer about Trumps connections to organized crime was because I was waiting to catch Democracy Now!  To my surprise, guest Tom Robbins spoke out on the very subject of Trump’s connection to organized crime in DN’s 5/04/16 episode titled, Slickest Con Man Out of NYC. 

As a result, I wholeheartedly disagree with Thom that Trump will be neutered.  I believe Trump already has been neutered.  In my view, that is WHY he ran under the Republican ticket in the first place. 

Problem-Reaction-Solution (P-R-S)

Meanwhile, those GOP members who are not in the loop, have been scratching their heads and questioning The Donald’s loyalty to GOP principles, citing time and time again that he has expounded many more liberal policies than conservative ones over the years.  Not only do they not trust his conservative alignment, they have been coming out directly and indirectly to oppose him.

On a side note, did anyone else notice when The Donald strutted out to the podium fresh from his Indiana victory and still savoring Ted Cruz’s surrender, that he was sporting a brilliant sky blue tie?  Go Democrats!

But back to the befuddled GOP regarding Trumps new conservative leaf; the reason they are so confused is because nobody ever explained P-R-S to them: Problem-Reaction-Solution.

It’s a covert operating principle that is as simple as it sounds.  If you want to steer the public in a certain direction, create a Problem (=Trump), a problem that will get a predictable Reaction (=OMG) so you can step in with the demanded Solution (=Hillary).

So you rig the election to insure the Donald wins on the GOP side – and make sure you leave plenty of horrors in his wake to point to later. You rig Hillary’s votes to make sure she is the Dem.’s candidate, and Viola!  The entire country is running into Hillary’s arms to save us from The Donald – even Republicans!

So my theory, supported by substantial evidence, is:

That’s why Trump entered the GOP Presidential bid, that’s why the mainstream networks have devoted themselves to him almost exclusively, that’s why he claimed he could shoot someone and still not lose any voters and that’s why he has been winning by a landslide wherever he goes despite polling so unfavorably. 

Because this Presidential election cycle - and America’s new Commander and Chief - was picked long ago and her elevation to the CIC (read sick) is, and will be, orchestrated until the General Elections. All Hail Hillary!

Except there turned out to be one fly in the ointment.

Everything was going along just fine for America’s handlers right until that pesky Sanders showed up, started speaking truth to power, attracted millions of followers and now just won’t go away! And why aren't we going away?





Okay, we can take off our tinfoil hats now – unless they help us see the truth after all.

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