Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Just leave, just leave, we'll make everything right
Don't worry, don't worry we will fight the good fight
Don't rage, don't rage against the dying of the light
Just go, just go as they swept us into the night

Being a raging liberal all my life, I have often rallied against prejudice and intolerance in all its different ugly disguises.  As I grew older and more political, like the good little liberal sheep I was told to be, I began to develop my own prejudices and intolerances for "the other side", a.k.a. conservatives.

Then the day came when I realized I had developed my own bigoted face of prejudice and intolerance, mostly against my fellow Americans and specifically those who aligned themselves with the Republican Party.

From that point on, I have determinedly tried to reach across the aisle if, for no other reason than to not be that which I condemn.  This approach has led to a fair share of awkwardness for sure.  It's rarely easy to engage with those who think radically different than you.

But I've tried to listen with an open mind to the pro-life, pro-gun, pro-war, pro-white, pro-patriot, and pro-Christian-God-Only platform that is the foundation for many of the conservative values.

Generally, most of them seem to believe America has gone to hell because of the Godless cry baby liberals who have destroyed the moral fabric of the nation by promoting diversity in both skin color and lifestyle choices. They also believe that most Democrats are nothing more than a bunch of lazy, self-entitled, elitist children who want Daddy Government to spoon feed them hand outs off the backs of the successful free-market entrepreneurs who make this country great.     

Many openly worship the military, believing it is the only function of government the nation needs, often rally against government overreach in any other direction besides military intervention in other countries and get very riled up at the mere thought of taking their guns away.  I have talked with more than a few who have their basements and closets packed with fully loaded arsenals in expectation of martial law. 

They proudly wear their American flag pin on their lapels, salute the flag with pride and will look you straight in the eye while solemnly swearing they will never allow anyone to take over their great country.

And while they continue to wait for the direct attack on their Republic, they failed to notice democracy just died in Nevada without a single shot fired.

It's at this juncture I must make an adamant disclaimer that this is not an advocacy for violence nor am I trying to imply it's time to bring out the guns! God no!  There's already a full blown propaganda campaign working desperately to brand Bernie supporters as violent and I, WE, know this couldn't be further from the truth.

But what I am trying to say is, while so many Americans on the right wait patiently for the day when they will have to defend their country by force, I'm not sure if they realize it's being taken right now and right under their nose.

To their vindication, the attack has come from the left, straight from the Democratic Party itself and I'm sure they will smugly tell you - they knew it would.

Many of them most likely will be relieved to hear that the Democrats are working so hard to protect America from that socialist/communist Sanders and his spoiled, entitlement driven entourage.  It is the narrative they have heard so often and believe so deeply, that I doubt they will think to question what occurred in Nevada or ponder its effect on their own lives.

But what happened at the Nevada Democratic Party's State Convention on May 14th, and the utter lies, smears and propaganda that have followed should really give them pause.

If you find it odd that I would be speaking about Republicans when it was the Democratic Party who committed the crimes, it's only because it's been the Republican Party's staunch platform of passionately swearing allegiance to protect America at all costs against infiltration, invasion, and take over. 

It's the entire reason why they are so pro-military and continually seek to expand both its budget and its force. 

It's the reason they want to keep their guns.

It's the reason they support strong borders, approve of death-by-drone policies with unlimited collateral damage, look the other way at torturing our perceived enemies or holding them without trial for decades, mouth platitudes to our veterans because of their foreign service, want to not only keep, but ratchet up the NSA's all inclusive, all invasive spying of both Americans and the world at large and it's the reason they are so willing to sweep aside almost every other principle the Constitution once stood for - to keep America safe. 

But as the Democratic Party denied one of the most fundamental Constitutional rights granted to the people of America in the most blatant and unapologetic subversion of democracy ever caught on camera, as they manipulated, deceived, lied and draped themselves in an absolute, unquestionable mantle of tyrannical authority, who was there trying to defend America from the take over?

Did the military come to the aid of the people who were merely trying to exercise the right to vote?  No, they were busy invading other people's countries to keep us safe.

Did our elected officials come to the rescue of those who were being stripped of their right to vote and have their votes counted? No, they were busy protecting their sugar daddy political parties.

Did the mainstream media, that bastion of free speech, report the truth to inform the citizens that a coup d'etat was being conducted on American soil? No, they were busy passing on strategic misinformation and lies because the network bosses told them too.  

And the strategic false narrative they have spun now goes something like,

Sanders supporters threw childlike tantrums and “hurled chairs” (though no evidence of this exists) because their candidate lost and they didn’t get their way (not because they were witness to the execution of democracy). 

The crowd loudly booed and Senator Boxer became afraid for her safety (because loud voices and booing is terrifying to an insulated politician, especially when they are supporting a coup).

Profound concern is now expressed for the Chairwoman's safety, (while zero, zip, none, was expressed for the integrity of the electoral process she destroyed).

Senator Sanders is not a leader because he refused to control his supporters (because he not only believes in the right to protest injustice but that it is a moral imperative) and has shockingly failed to denounce their behavior (because he believes in peoples rights including the right to vote and unlike his Democratic counterparts, refuses to participate in coups that install leaders by covert operations-at least I think he does, but you better let him speak for himself on this).

While Republican voters may believe this is not their problem, that it is irrelevant because Donald will trump Hillary, as you salute your new Commander In Chief, know this - the American people never chose her, never voted for her in any significant numbers and that she was placed there by strangers who took over America right under your nose.

As for everyone else, because the death of democracy went unannounced, undisclosed and unrepented, our founding fathers vision for a nation of, by and for the people will simply go quietly into the night.

Who sat silent as democracy died?
You did, you did

Who supported the censors and lies?
You did, you did

Who called us children when we screamed, No!
You did, you did

Who spewed false rhetoric-they died so we could vote?
You did, you did

Who raised their guns, not to protect but deny?
You did, you did

Who sat silent and watched democracy die?
You did.

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