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The DNC’s silent message has become crystal clear; it supports broad based voter suppression over broad based democracy.

It started with the New York primary. As the polls were opening, voters began discovering they were purged from the voter roles, wouldn’t be allowed to vote, wouldn’t have a voice in their future, wouldn’t be represented.

As the little publicized crime against the New York voters grew, the silence of the DNC was deafening.

First one official, then another was suspended. New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderr opened an investigation.  The Election Board was to be audited.

In the New York Board of Elections first meeting after the primary, the room was packed with disenfranchised voters filled with righteous anger but Board members chose to look on from above with boredom and disdain.  The Board certified the vote anyway and Schneiderr’s investigation became meaningless to the disenfranchised voters. Now it has been revealed the Board of Election Chief and Commissionerknew about the mass purging of voters since July 2015 and are dismissing those who merely wanted the opportunity to vote as having an “agenda”.

As New Yorkers screamed for justice, the DNC’s silent message has become crystal clear; it supports broad based voter suppression over broad based democracy.

Not only did the DNC fail to stand up for New Yorks’ disenfranchised voters, they also failed to have the back of one of their own, Senator Sanders.  While Bernie continues to show unwaveringly support for the DNC, the DNC does not return the favor - opting instead for leaving both him and its voters out in the cold.

Yet what occurred in New York is just one story in a long line of what has become the dominant theme of this election cycle: voter suppression and election fraud.

The 2016 Presidential election cycle began in Iowa with highly questionable processes and extreme irregularities.

Among these were 90 precincts being cut from participation and the Iowa Democratic Party refusing to audit the extremely suspicious results. As of May 11, 2016, the New York Times reported that all precinct totals have now been accounted for, over three months after the Iowa caucus.  Except the Times only cites the Associated Press for their source of the tallies, which also come with a highly unusual explanation.

*Vote totals are not actual votes cast, but are State Delegate Equivalents, which represent the estimated number of state convention delegates that the candidates would have been based on the caucus results.  The Associated Press inflates county level totals by 100, as state delegate equivalent numbers for some candidates are often very small fractions.

If the above explanation isn’t awkward enough, the official Iowa Election Results & Statistic webpage fails to have any posted results whatsoever.  So where exactly did AP get their numbers and why aren’t those numbers publicly posted officially by the state of Iowa?  This begs the question, when did AP get the power to officially call United States elections?

From there, voter suppression and election fraud has just kept going, and going, and going.

In the Arizona primary, voter suppression was massive
In the 2012 primary, Maricopa County had 200 polling places for 300,000 voters. This year it had 60 polling places for an estimated 800,000 registered voters. The results were predictable… 
So massive that the Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton, sent a request to the Department of Justice requesting an investigation.

Watch "People's Reaction to the Election Fraud and Voter Suppression in Arizona.
The Department of Justice’s response has been to open an investigation into one Arizona county – that’s right, one.  

Of course these three states were the most publicized, but primary results across the nation have been marred with irregularities, complaints, long-lines, frustration and skewed results.  These states include Idaho and Utah, FloridaGeorgiaTexas, Alabama, Colorado, ArkansasTennessee, NevadaRhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio  IndianaIllinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Wyoming, Nebraska (Democratic Caucus)MaineMichiganNorth CarolinaDelaware, and Virginia

In the case of the last two states, people have actually caught screen shots of live election results presented by AP showing votes actually being stripped from Bernie Sanders.

That makes 28 states so far.

Neither do any of these stories include the serious flags raised by expert statisticians such long-time exit poll guru and election analyst Richard Charnin or Kansas statistician Beth Clarksons, who reports finding consistent statistical patterns indicative of election fraud, not only in previous elections, but in Oklahoma’s recent primary as well.


Allegations of voter suppression in the US is not a new story by any means.  After all, that’s why Congress passed the Voting Rights Act in 1965. 

In addition to the blatant voter suppression that occurred in Arizona and New York, recently, it was discovered there’s at least 400,000 Californian’s who won’t be able to vote in the upcoming June 7th primary due to a voter registration form that was described as “written by a chimpanzee”. This monkey business is projected to mostly affect voters supporting Bernie Sanders.

Then there’s an additional 450,000 Californian’s that have been "officially" purged from voter rolls that again, disproportionately affect  minority areas and areas also most likely to vote for Sanders.

It’s no coincidence California has purged almost a million voters by strategically targeting a certain segment of the population – it’s called good old fashion voter suppression, a practice used to deny undesirable portions of the population the opportunity to vote.

As for election fraud and vote rigging, it is a non-partisan issue with accusations being fired from both Republican and Democratic voters, depending on the election year and who’s running.

There’s even plenty of scientific evidence (here and hereto prove how easy rigging an American election is.

Our voting machines flip votesrefuse to record votesrecord votes for the wrong candidates, and one of the brains behind our voting machine software, Clint Curtis, testified before Congress under oath how he was hired to develop software for the sole purpose of rigging the vote through these machines.

When Congress asked Mr. Curtis if there were any way to detect election fraud and vote rigging, he clearly stated the most reliable flag was to check exit poll discrepancies against the actual votes. Except it turns out raw exit poll data is super duber secret and almost no one can access it.

As it stands, adjusted exit poll data in 2016 for 11 out of 26 presidential primaries (AL, AZ, GA, MA, NY, OH, MS, SC, TX, WI, WV) reveal massive discrepancies that currently favor Hillary Clinton by an astounding 1 in 8.3 billion.

If the deck wasn’t stacked enough against honest elections in the U.S., a new report by Black Box Voting claims our voting machines are now performing fractional siphoning of our votes.

Is it any wonder America’s election processes are ranked dead last among western democracies? 


Today, U.S. registered voters is conservatively estimated at 146,311,000 but might be as high as 445,852,000. 

However, finding a verifiable source regarding how many of these voters are registered in either the Democratic or Republican Party turned out to be an impossible chore.  The closest numbers I could find came from an unverifiable source dating back to 2009 that alleged there were roughly 55 million registered Republicans and 72 million Democrats. This may mean at least 127 million Americans are affected by these two parties alone, not to mention the 324 million people that comprise the rest of the U.S. population. 

In today’s American political scene, any candidate who has serious intentions about holding a political office must run under one of these two parties umbrella.  This guarantees funding, advertising, lobbying by superpacs, provides non-stop media coverage, party protection and insures they are the only candidates who will be allowed to participate in the national presidential debates.

It also guarantees that when and if a DNC/RNC candidate is elected, they owe their pimps in a huge way.

In a recent expose by 60 Minutes, Dialing For Dollars, the DNC/RNC demands their stable put in a minimum of 30 hours a week telemarketing to raise at least $18,000 per day for the cartel at private call houses set up across the street from their “other job”.  Obviously, the DNC/RNC could give a rats ass about the jobs the representatives are actually elected to do.

While Bernie Sanders immense popularity is partially based on a platform demanding the reversal of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen’s United and campaign finance reform, these measures don’t really deal with the elephant in the room; this being the DNC/RNC’s overwhelming monopoly of our entire political system.

In a recent Democracy Now! segmentlong-time consumer advocate Ralph Nader describes the DNC/RNC as a “two-party tyranny” that “colludes with one another to exclude everybody else” – the very definition of a cartel.   

It is this two-party tyranny that is at the root of suffocating the life out of the American people, the American dream and our very chance at a sincere democracy.

In 2010, the Department of Justice filed an civil anti-trust lawsuit against Election Systems & Software (formerly Diebold) because at that time, the DOJ considered ESS to hold a monopoly on U.S. elections, which affected 1,400 jurisdictions in 33 states and nearly 28 million people.

Yet the DNC/RNC currently represents registered voters that, at minimum, are over four times higher than what ESS once controlled.  Their two-party death grip spans all 50 states and jurisdictions and they exercise absolute authoritarian control over the entire American political process and system.

With all the evidence indicating the DNC/RNC’s strong support for voter suppression, deep level involvement in election rigging and a stranglehold monopoly over the representatives of the people, the answer to resolving these issues is obvious:

The American people need to urgently demand an end to the two-party tyranny by breaking the DNC/RNC monopolies apart.

The means to do this is already at our disposal. In the same way the Department of Justice broke up Diebold, it equally has the power to file a civil anti-trust lawsuit against the DNC/RNC to end their long-standing reign over our democracy.

Let our political revolution finally confront the elephant – and the ass - in the room, so we can sincerely rebuild American democracy from the ground up.

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