Friday, May 6, 2016

C.O.O. of U.S.A. - So Presidential!

So when The Donald is telling us he’ll make “America Great Again”, maybe we should be asking, which America does he have in mind?

Was just watching Iraq for Sale – The War Profiters.  Most of the story revolved around how the Iraq war was the most privatized of any war on record – and the resulting mind-boogling waste, fraud and abuse ever recorded.  Halliburton’s subsidiary, KBR, was reported to have over $1B in recorded fraud alone.

Dick Cheney was the former CEO of Halliburton before becoming Vice President of America – no news there.  But I was struck at the potential similarity between Donald Trump and Cheney.

The gross injustices attributed to the Bush administration when it came to war profiteering were largely linked to Cheney.  And what do you expect – the war was, excuse me, WARS, are still run like a for-profit corporation.  That’s WHAT a CEO does!

So I began thinking, if The Donald ascends to the throne to become President, won’t he also view America as nothing more than a corporation to run?  Isn’t that the thrust of his campaign – he’ll use his corporate experience to get better deals for America?  Americas Chief Operating Officer, C.O.O.

But what if the American people aren’t the recipient of those better deals - only The Donald and his elite friends?

He may make Cheney look like a first grader in the shark tank when it comes to looting and pillaging the US taxpayers.

I originally drafted this idea about two weeks ago but ironically, some supporting evidence to this theory just showed up on The Rachel Maddow Show last night (5/05/16).

Rachel describes what happened to the bank, IndyMac, how it was bought up for a super sweet deal with the help of the U.S. Treasury by a handful of billionaires, how they flipped it in less than a year to not only recover their initial investment but also to sweep up a tidy $1.7 billion dollar profit. Most importantly, at least to the 99% of us, was how they threw out about 35k homeowners through foreclosures in the process.

And recounting all this, Rachel seemed quite upset by the fact that one of those bankster billionaires, Steven Mnuchin, was just appointed by Trump to be his campaign finance manager.

Yeah! Let’s make American Great Again!

So which “great” America in our history does The Donald have in mind? 

The America that “privatized” the North American continent by committing the single greatest global genocide ever recorded of at least 60 million Native Americans?

The America that bought and sold humans for slave labor?  And it wasn’t just African-Americans; there were quite a few Asian slaves as well.

The America held captive by the Robber Barons, who monopolized industry, destroyed the working class and environment and cried foul at the institution of child labor laws?

The America that didn’t allow women to vote?

The America that didn’t allow African-Americans to vote?

The America that implemented the sterilization of “imbeciles, morons, idiots, African-Americans and Jews" because they were a threat to the gene pool, an idea that became the inspiration for the Nazi's master race plan?

The America that overthrew the Iranian government back in 1953, our first, but certainly not our last involvement in the covert overthrowing of a democratically elected government?

So when The Donald is telling us he’ll make “America Great Again”, maybe we should be asking, which America does he have in mind?

Just some food for thought....

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