Saturday, May 28, 2016


It’s a question I have periodically pondered every since Larry, a guy I used to work with and a Vietnam veteran, said he supported it. 

At that time, I had never been exposed to someone for the draft and was dumbstruck when he said so matter-of-factly, “I think we should reinstate the draft”.  When I asked him incredulously, “Why”, this was his reasoning.

He thought it was better for the military as an institution because it was forced to deal with a wide range of personalities, not just those that fit a particular psychological profile.  He believed this diversity was good because it helped prevent it from becoming excessively arrogant and insulated from the “little people”, a.k.a civilians.

He also strongly felt it was better for the soldiers themselves, especially in combat situations.  He argued the draft’s diversity brought in guys who think differently than the traditional military mindset. In other words, he claimed, they were often more creative in their approach to problem solving. He found that creativity valuable, especially when confronting life or death situations.

Finally, he believed a draft was much better for the nation as a whole because it put a weight on declaring war like nothing else could. 

He knew first hand the cost of war; to the soldiers who pay both mentally and physically and too often, with their very lives, to the families who serve by their side, to those we declare war against as well as the larger impact to the moral fabric of the nation. 

 Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
He believed war should never be entered into lightly and that we, as a nation, should never ask those to lay down their lives for us unless we really, really needed them too. 

On this point, he stated, war without oversight from the people and conducted solely by the military industrial complex was far, far too dangerous to tolerate.  If left unattended, it would make endless wars to justify its existence and always seek to expand its sphere of influence. 

A draft stops the military’s inherent propensity for endless wars and prevents politicians from declaring war without just cause. When people have to start forfeiting their kids without choice, they become much more aware of the stakes and are generally a lot less willing to allow it unless they believe it's really necessary, he concluded.

Interestingly enough, he made his pro-draft case pre-911 and it turns out, his words were chillingly prophetic. The United States is now entering its fifteenth year of war in Afghanistan and is still heavily embroiled in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and God knows where else. And I mean that literally, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Well, Larry left me speechless – something that doesn’t happen often.  I found his arguments sound and well reasoned. It was obviously something he had thought about a lot; probably because he’d actually had his own life on the line and still lived – every damn day - with a war he could never fully leave behind.

Up until that point, the only thought I ever had about the draft was when my brother turned eighteen and had to fill out a draft card. I remember my stomach knotting up in fear because my baby brother, with his baby face, could be called away at any moment and may never come home again. I also knew, even if he did, he would never be the same.

But Larry made an excellent case and as I said, from time to time, I have reflected back on that conversation.  I was reminded of it again when I ran across some bit of Native American wisdom a few years later that claimed one particular tribe only let women declare war. 

Can you imagine such a thought in the testosterone dominated American military mindset?  Hell, it used to be argued, and not too long ago I might add, that a woman was incapable of being the Commander In Chief; too emotional to be left in charge of the nuclear code keys! And let’s not forget the long string of menstrual jokes that were sure to follow.

But I believe it was a wise idea, much wiser than allowing men to make the call of war. Contrary to popular propaganda, women aren’t pussies (well, not in that sense anyway) and there’s a reason Rudyard Kipling wrote the poem, The Female of the Species Is More Deadly Than The Male

This Native American wisdom knew a Mother would never sacrifice her own child for light and transient reasons. Grandmothers, Sisters, and Wives could be trusted to protect their mens lives at all costs, unless there was truly, truly a need.  America should be so wise again.  After all, it's fucking WAR!  

War Bodies: Source Unknown

Not too long ago, again I thought of Larry’s support-the-draft idea after watching, “Iraq For Sale: America’s War Profiteers.”. While the story centers around how America now uses war for profit, what caught my attention was what was at its root.

The whole ugly war-profiteering door was opened because we needed boots on the ground but the military reported we didn’t have enough soldiers to man the necessary operations for our missions in Afghanistan, then Iraq. 

Despite taxpayers footing the bill for the decades long barrage of “Be All That You Can Be” state-of-the-art commercials to sell us on the glory and honor of service, apparently not enough of us were answering the call.

So the military industrial complex, in its infinite wisdom, knew better than to reinstate the draft lest it ignite mass national protests again. So it did what only a military machine could; it started putting our national security in the hands of the private sector. And no, Dick, I haven’t forgotten you were already testing this idea in the first Gulf War and had Halliburton at the ready when the call for action came!

Probably my favorite all time book is The Rhetoric of No, a collection of essays about a wide range of dissent, dating back to Plato until what was then, the modern times of 1970.  It covers a lot of ground, spanning almost ever kind of protest one can conceive, as well as offering some good historical perspectives on how we got to here.

In the essay, The New American Militarism by General David M Shoup, who is touted as a “marine’s marine”, General Shoup takes a powerful and provocative hard look at what the American military has done to condition the collective psyche of our nation and how it has embedded itself into every walk of life. 

Written at a time when America was still using the draft, General Shoup described its affects on our country by stating:
“Today, most middle-aged men, most business, government, civic, and professional leaders, have served some time in uniform.  Whether they liked it or not, their military training and experience have affected them, for the creeds and attitudes of the armed forces are powerful medicine, and can become habit forming.  The military codes include all the virtues and beliefs used to motivate men of high principle: patriotism, duty and service to country, honor among fellowmen, courage in the face of danger, loyalty to organization and leaders, self-sacrifice for comrades, leadership, discipline, and physical fitness.  For many veterans the military’s efforts to train and indoctrinate them may well be the most impressive and influential experience they have ever had-especially so for the young and less educated.”
Not only does he discuss in detail the transforming affect the military has on the public at large, he also describes how the military often culls the best and the brightest America has to offer, puts them in highly competitive arenas, presses them to their limits to produce cutting edge thought and action, all of which is aimed towards conditioning and motivating them for the strategic purpose to prove themselves in the greatest venue of all –the art of war.

General Shoup also discusses another aspect of The New American Militarism, which clearly recognizes the role of the private sectors defense partnership with the armed forces, which in brief begins with:
“Closely related to the attitudes and influence of America’s millions of veterans is the vast and powerful complex of the defense industries, which have been described in detail many times in the eight years since General Eisenhower first warned of the military-industrial power complex in his farewell address as President.  The relationship between the defense industry and the military establishment is closer than many citizens realize.  Together they form a powerful public opinion lobby….The associations also provide each of the armed services with a means of fostering their respective roles, objectives and propaganda.”
Wonder what General Shoup would say about the defense industry and military establishments relationship today.

Another guy I worked with had served time in Iraq.  When I squawked about all the waste, fraud and abuse of the current system, he just laughed and said, “You mean like the storage pods?”  According to him, the military uses tens of thousands of storage pods, you know, like the moving pods, only they have been renting them for all these long years.  Wonder how many kids we could have put through college with that money?

Well, it’s a whole new era for the 21st century war machine.  Almost fifty years after General Shoup spoke out about the dangers of the new American militarism, here we are. 

The oversight body of the CIA’s self-damning torture report accidentally loses it, (like ANYBODY believes that story), drones now kill people by remote control half way across the world  and one guy can’t even find out how many bases America actually has in Africa, much less across the globe. Seriously.

While most likely many Americans will celebrate this Memorial Day week-end with parades and flags, salutes and homage to those who have served and those who have died, I think I’m going to skip the pomp and fanfare and instead, spend my time quietly praying for the 35 American veterans a day now committing suicide. I will meditate more about what Larry said, ponder the wisdom of the Native Americans and perhaps, contemplate a different, more basic kind of question, such as-

Why has America been at war with the whole world throughout 
my entire lifetime?  

Photo from Democracy Now! Code Pink Attempts To Arrest Henry Kissinger


Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Just leave, just leave, we'll make everything right
Don't worry, don't worry we will fight the good fight
Don't rage, don't rage against the dying of the light
Just go, just go as they swept us into the night

Being a raging liberal all my life, I have often rallied against prejudice and intolerance in all its different ugly disguises.  As I grew older and more political, like the good little liberal sheep I was told to be, I began to develop my own prejudices and intolerances for "the other side", a.k.a. conservatives.

Then the day came when I realized I had developed my own bigoted face of prejudice and intolerance, mostly against my fellow Americans and specifically those who aligned themselves with the Republican Party.

From that point on, I have determinedly tried to reach across the aisle if, for no other reason than to not be that which I condemn.  This approach has led to a fair share of awkwardness for sure.  It's rarely easy to engage with those who think radically different than you.

But I've tried to listen with an open mind to the pro-life, pro-gun, pro-war, pro-white, pro-patriot, and pro-Christian-God-Only platform that is the foundation for many of the conservative values.

Generally, most of them seem to believe America has gone to hell because of the Godless cry baby liberals who have destroyed the moral fabric of the nation by promoting diversity in both skin color and lifestyle choices. They also believe that most Democrats are nothing more than a bunch of lazy, self-entitled, elitist children who want Daddy Government to spoon feed them hand outs off the backs of the successful free-market entrepreneurs who make this country great.     

Many openly worship the military, believing it is the only function of government the nation needs, often rally against government overreach in any other direction besides military intervention in other countries and get very riled up at the mere thought of taking their guns away.  I have talked with more than a few who have their basements and closets packed with fully loaded arsenals in expectation of martial law. 

They proudly wear their American flag pin on their lapels, salute the flag with pride and will look you straight in the eye while solemnly swearing they will never allow anyone to take over their great country.

And while they continue to wait for the direct attack on their Republic, they failed to notice democracy just died in Nevada without a single shot fired.

It's at this juncture I must make an adamant disclaimer that this is not an advocacy for violence nor am I trying to imply it's time to bring out the guns! God no!  There's already a full blown propaganda campaign working desperately to brand Bernie supporters as violent and I, WE, know this couldn't be further from the truth.

But what I am trying to say is, while so many Americans on the right wait patiently for the day when they will have to defend their country by force, I'm not sure if they realize it's being taken right now and right under their nose.

To their vindication, the attack has come from the left, straight from the Democratic Party itself and I'm sure they will smugly tell you - they knew it would.

Many of them most likely will be relieved to hear that the Democrats are working so hard to protect America from that socialist/communist Sanders and his spoiled, entitlement driven entourage.  It is the narrative they have heard so often and believe so deeply, that I doubt they will think to question what occurred in Nevada or ponder its effect on their own lives.

But what happened at the Nevada Democratic Party's State Convention on May 14th, and the utter lies, smears and propaganda that have followed should really give them pause.

If you find it odd that I would be speaking about Republicans when it was the Democratic Party who committed the crimes, it's only because it's been the Republican Party's staunch platform of passionately swearing allegiance to protect America at all costs against infiltration, invasion, and take over. 

It's the entire reason why they are so pro-military and continually seek to expand both its budget and its force. 

It's the reason they want to keep their guns.

It's the reason they support strong borders, approve of death-by-drone policies with unlimited collateral damage, look the other way at torturing our perceived enemies or holding them without trial for decades, mouth platitudes to our veterans because of their foreign service, want to not only keep, but ratchet up the NSA's all inclusive, all invasive spying of both Americans and the world at large and it's the reason they are so willing to sweep aside almost every other principle the Constitution once stood for - to keep America safe. 

But as the Democratic Party denied one of the most fundamental Constitutional rights granted to the people of America in the most blatant and unapologetic subversion of democracy ever caught on camera, as they manipulated, deceived, lied and draped themselves in an absolute, unquestionable mantle of tyrannical authority, who was there trying to defend America from the take over?

Did the military come to the aid of the people who were merely trying to exercise the right to vote?  No, they were busy invading other people's countries to keep us safe.

Did our elected officials come to the rescue of those who were being stripped of their right to vote and have their votes counted? No, they were busy protecting their sugar daddy political parties.

Did the mainstream media, that bastion of free speech, report the truth to inform the citizens that a coup d'etat was being conducted on American soil? No, they were busy passing on strategic misinformation and lies because the network bosses told them too.  

And the strategic false narrative they have spun now goes something like,

Sanders supporters threw childlike tantrums and “hurled chairs” (though no evidence of this exists) because their candidate lost and they didn’t get their way (not because they were witness to the execution of democracy). 

The crowd loudly booed and Senator Boxer became afraid for her safety (because loud voices and booing is terrifying to an insulated politician, especially when they are supporting a coup).

Profound concern is now expressed for the Chairwoman's safety, (while zero, zip, none, was expressed for the integrity of the electoral process she destroyed).

Senator Sanders is not a leader because he refused to control his supporters (because he not only believes in the right to protest injustice but that it is a moral imperative) and has shockingly failed to denounce their behavior (because he believes in peoples rights including the right to vote and unlike his Democratic counterparts, refuses to participate in coups that install leaders by covert operations-at least I think he does, but you better let him speak for himself on this).

While Republican voters may believe this is not their problem, that it is irrelevant because Donald will trump Hillary, as you salute your new Commander In Chief, know this - the American people never chose her, never voted for her in any significant numbers and that she was placed there by strangers who took over America right under your nose.

As for everyone else, because the death of democracy went unannounced, undisclosed and unrepented, our founding fathers vision for a nation of, by and for the people will simply go quietly into the night.

Who sat silent as democracy died?
You did, you did

Who supported the censors and lies?
You did, you did

Who called us children when we screamed, No!
You did, you did

Who spewed false rhetoric-they died so we could vote?
You did, you did

Who raised their guns, not to protect but deny?
You did, you did

Who sat silent and watched democracy die?
You did.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


The DNC’s silent message has become crystal clear; it supports broad based voter suppression over broad based democracy.

It started with the New York primary. As the polls were opening, voters began discovering they were purged from the voter roles, wouldn’t be allowed to vote, wouldn’t have a voice in their future, wouldn’t be represented.

As the little publicized crime against the New York voters grew, the silence of the DNC was deafening.

First one official, then another was suspended. New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderr opened an investigation.  The Election Board was to be audited.

In the New York Board of Elections first meeting after the primary, the room was packed with disenfranchised voters filled with righteous anger but Board members chose to look on from above with boredom and disdain.  The Board certified the vote anyway and Schneiderr’s investigation became meaningless to the disenfranchised voters. Now it has been revealed the Board of Election Chief and Commissionerknew about the mass purging of voters since July 2015 and are dismissing those who merely wanted the opportunity to vote as having an “agenda”.

As New Yorkers screamed for justice, the DNC’s silent message has become crystal clear; it supports broad based voter suppression over broad based democracy.

Not only did the DNC fail to stand up for New Yorks’ disenfranchised voters, they also failed to have the back of one of their own, Senator Sanders.  While Bernie continues to show unwaveringly support for the DNC, the DNC does not return the favor - opting instead for leaving both him and its voters out in the cold.

Yet what occurred in New York is just one story in a long line of what has become the dominant theme of this election cycle: voter suppression and election fraud.

The 2016 Presidential election cycle began in Iowa with highly questionable processes and extreme irregularities.

Among these were 90 precincts being cut from participation and the Iowa Democratic Party refusing to audit the extremely suspicious results. As of May 11, 2016, the New York Times reported that all precinct totals have now been accounted for, over three months after the Iowa caucus.  Except the Times only cites the Associated Press for their source of the tallies, which also come with a highly unusual explanation.

*Vote totals are not actual votes cast, but are State Delegate Equivalents, which represent the estimated number of state convention delegates that the candidates would have been based on the caucus results.  The Associated Press inflates county level totals by 100, as state delegate equivalent numbers for some candidates are often very small fractions.

If the above explanation isn’t awkward enough, the official Iowa Election Results & Statistic webpage fails to have any posted results whatsoever.  So where exactly did AP get their numbers and why aren’t those numbers publicly posted officially by the state of Iowa?  This begs the question, when did AP get the power to officially call United States elections?

From there, voter suppression and election fraud has just kept going, and going, and going.

In the Arizona primary, voter suppression was massive
In the 2012 primary, Maricopa County had 200 polling places for 300,000 voters. This year it had 60 polling places for an estimated 800,000 registered voters. The results were predictable… 
So massive that the Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton, sent a request to the Department of Justice requesting an investigation.

Watch "People's Reaction to the Election Fraud and Voter Suppression in Arizona.
The Department of Justice’s response has been to open an investigation into one Arizona county – that’s right, one.  

Of course these three states were the most publicized, but primary results across the nation have been marred with irregularities, complaints, long-lines, frustration and skewed results.  These states include Idaho and Utah, FloridaGeorgiaTexas, Alabama, Colorado, ArkansasTennessee, NevadaRhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio  IndianaIllinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Wyoming, Nebraska (Democratic Caucus)MaineMichiganNorth CarolinaDelaware, and Virginia

In the case of the last two states, people have actually caught screen shots of live election results presented by AP showing votes actually being stripped from Bernie Sanders.

That makes 28 states so far.

Neither do any of these stories include the serious flags raised by expert statisticians such long-time exit poll guru and election analyst Richard Charnin or Kansas statistician Beth Clarksons, who reports finding consistent statistical patterns indicative of election fraud, not only in previous elections, but in Oklahoma’s recent primary as well.


Allegations of voter suppression in the US is not a new story by any means.  After all, that’s why Congress passed the Voting Rights Act in 1965. 

In addition to the blatant voter suppression that occurred in Arizona and New York, recently, it was discovered there’s at least 400,000 Californian’s who won’t be able to vote in the upcoming June 7th primary due to a voter registration form that was described as “written by a chimpanzee”. This monkey business is projected to mostly affect voters supporting Bernie Sanders.

Then there’s an additional 450,000 Californian’s that have been "officially" purged from voter rolls that again, disproportionately affect  minority areas and areas also most likely to vote for Sanders.

It’s no coincidence California has purged almost a million voters by strategically targeting a certain segment of the population – it’s called good old fashion voter suppression, a practice used to deny undesirable portions of the population the opportunity to vote.

As for election fraud and vote rigging, it is a non-partisan issue with accusations being fired from both Republican and Democratic voters, depending on the election year and who’s running.

There’s even plenty of scientific evidence (here and hereto prove how easy rigging an American election is.

Our voting machines flip votesrefuse to record votesrecord votes for the wrong candidates, and one of the brains behind our voting machine software, Clint Curtis, testified before Congress under oath how he was hired to develop software for the sole purpose of rigging the vote through these machines.

When Congress asked Mr. Curtis if there were any way to detect election fraud and vote rigging, he clearly stated the most reliable flag was to check exit poll discrepancies against the actual votes. Except it turns out raw exit poll data is super duber secret and almost no one can access it.

As it stands, adjusted exit poll data in 2016 for 11 out of 26 presidential primaries (AL, AZ, GA, MA, NY, OH, MS, SC, TX, WI, WV) reveal massive discrepancies that currently favor Hillary Clinton by an astounding 1 in 8.3 billion.

If the deck wasn’t stacked enough against honest elections in the U.S., a new report by Black Box Voting claims our voting machines are now performing fractional siphoning of our votes.

Is it any wonder America’s election processes are ranked dead last among western democracies? 


Today, U.S. registered voters is conservatively estimated at 146,311,000 but might be as high as 445,852,000. 

However, finding a verifiable source regarding how many of these voters are registered in either the Democratic or Republican Party turned out to be an impossible chore.  The closest numbers I could find came from an unverifiable source dating back to 2009 that alleged there were roughly 55 million registered Republicans and 72 million Democrats. This may mean at least 127 million Americans are affected by these two parties alone, not to mention the 324 million people that comprise the rest of the U.S. population. 

In today’s American political scene, any candidate who has serious intentions about holding a political office must run under one of these two parties umbrella.  This guarantees funding, advertising, lobbying by superpacs, provides non-stop media coverage, party protection and insures they are the only candidates who will be allowed to participate in the national presidential debates.

It also guarantees that when and if a DNC/RNC candidate is elected, they owe their pimps in a huge way.

In a recent expose by 60 Minutes, Dialing For Dollars, the DNC/RNC demands their stable put in a minimum of 30 hours a week telemarketing to raise at least $18,000 per day for the cartel at private call houses set up across the street from their “other job”.  Obviously, the DNC/RNC could give a rats ass about the jobs the representatives are actually elected to do.

While Bernie Sanders immense popularity is partially based on a platform demanding the reversal of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen’s United and campaign finance reform, these measures don’t really deal with the elephant in the room; this being the DNC/RNC’s overwhelming monopoly of our entire political system.

In a recent Democracy Now! segmentlong-time consumer advocate Ralph Nader describes the DNC/RNC as a “two-party tyranny” that “colludes with one another to exclude everybody else” – the very definition of a cartel.   

It is this two-party tyranny that is at the root of suffocating the life out of the American people, the American dream and our very chance at a sincere democracy.

In 2010, the Department of Justice filed an civil anti-trust lawsuit against Election Systems & Software (formerly Diebold) because at that time, the DOJ considered ESS to hold a monopoly on U.S. elections, which affected 1,400 jurisdictions in 33 states and nearly 28 million people.

Yet the DNC/RNC currently represents registered voters that, at minimum, are over four times higher than what ESS once controlled.  Their two-party death grip spans all 50 states and jurisdictions and they exercise absolute authoritarian control over the entire American political process and system.

With all the evidence indicating the DNC/RNC’s strong support for voter suppression, deep level involvement in election rigging and a stranglehold monopoly over the representatives of the people, the answer to resolving these issues is obvious:

The American people need to urgently demand an end to the two-party tyranny by breaking the DNC/RNC monopolies apart.

The means to do this is already at our disposal. In the same way the Department of Justice broke up Diebold, it equally has the power to file a civil anti-trust lawsuit against the DNC/RNC to end their long-standing reign over our democracy.

Let our political revolution finally confront the elephant – and the ass - in the room, so we can sincerely rebuild American democracy from the ground up.

Friday, May 6, 2016


Well, now everyone’s all aflutter about Donald Trump being the presumptive nominee for the GOP. 

Within just a day of Trumps victory in Indiana, you can see the corporate-sponsored surrogates pretending to stumble in disbelief, acting as though they were shell-shocked at the domination of votes that catapulted him to the top.

Only keeping a partial eye on what the media whores have to say, I noticed an immediate ratcheting up of 'FearThe Donald' rhetoric now flooding our airwaves.  I dare say, they have just begun their campaign of fear for America’s future.

Well, I have had a conspiracy theory for quite some time about Donald Trumps entry into the Republican Presidential race that I’d like to share.  So everyone pull out their tinfoil hats and come along for the ride.

Connecting The Dots

First, you have to be familiar with how the American government elites figured out how to take down a democracy through covert means.  This was implemented by the CIA in Iran in 1953 as so beautiful detailed in the documentary, American Coup-TheMovie.

Second, one must be versed in how the CIA perfected this method through trial and error in Latin America, as chronicled in detail by author John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hitman.  If you’re not the reading type, check out the film documentary version in “Apologies of an Economic Hitman”.

Skipping forward (with no disrespect intended for the millions who greatly suffered and died during this period), we can watch with perfect clarity how Secretary Clinton’s role in Honduras continued to follow the CIA’s take-down-a-democracy script without a single deviation. 

Now that we have this critical background – including how election rigging was an integral part of the coups, we can reflect on the ongoing and growing reports of election rigging in our own country. 

After all, if ANY country was worthy of a coup, surely it would be the United States with a military that spends as much as the next nine largest military's in the world combined and is ranked #1 in the world overall. (It’s second in terms of boots-on-the-ground forces but that statistic doesn't mention if they are including all our privately contracted soldier/mercenaries or not).

So, if you have the world’s most powerful military, you wouldn’t just let anybody be Commander In Chief, would you?  So how does the global elite ensure that not just anybody can control our military or our global multi-national policies? 

The answer is blatantly simple; you rig the elections.

This allows the sheeple to THINK they are in a democracy and keeps their mouths shut when their candidate loses.  Ahh…our team lost.  Maybe next time.

How To Rig An Election AND Make The People Feel Good About It

So who is the “cauldron tested globalist” now favored by the so-called liberal media? Hillary Clinton.

And who is her, OMG, I-Can-Do-Anything-I-Won’t-Lose-Voters (read votes), opponent?  Donald Trump.

And how exactly does Donald Trump pulverize the Republican opposition and take the GOP presumptive Presidential nomination when he has been consistently polling unfavorably with the majority of Americans?

How can you say the outrageous things he says, do the outrageous things he’s does, hang around with the most lowly scumbags around like he does – with no threat of consequence whatsoever – and still be pummeling the ballot box like there’s no other competition in the field?  And if that’s not enough, it’s almost as if he has left a deliberate trail of obscenities in his wake for opponents to grind on about in the coming months before the general election.

Again, the obvious answer is: the election is rigged.

Meanwhile, the corporately sponsored media has adored him for it.  CNN has been so bad, we started calling it the The Trump Channel, despite the fact that some have claimed Turner Broadcasting, the parent company of CNN, was Clinton’s 8th largest donor.   

Turned out, none of the other mainstream media sources are any better.

With respect to their non-stop “Trump Land” coverage, they have argued that whenever Trump was mentioned online, ratings shot through the roof and so, they claimed, they were gonna ride that pony till it dropped; never mind ethics or professionalism.  Let’s just blame it all on the love of money, shall we?  After all, everyone knows what whores we are.  Right?

Yet a recent expose by Bloomberg in How To Hack An Election revealed that one of the main strategies for hacking an election was to create false online comments and support. The man who made that claim, Andres Sepulveda, is now sitting in a Colombian prison for orchestrating election fraud by doing just that.

In the article, he states, 'My job was to do actions of dirty war and psychological operations, black propaganda, rumors - the whole dark side of politics…'. 

He also claimed to have created a software program now called Social Media Predator that employed an army of Twitterbots to help him 'manipulate public debate as easily as moving pieces on a chessboard'.  One of his most profound statements also included, 'I realized that people believe what the Internet says more than reality'. 

While mainstream media is excusing their whorish behavior by citing online Donald activity and their ratings going through the roof whenever his name is mentioned, they never examine or expose how easy it is to manipulate those “trending” activities, as Sepulveda so aptly figured out.  And not only did he figure it out, he used those exact trends to manipulate and influence elections, which is why he is sitting in a Colombian jail today.

But what if mainstream media’s role is more than just being their modern whorish self?  What if they are active participants in the same election rigging techniques employed by Sepulveda, only on a much grander scale?  Could that explain their non-stop Trump and Hillary coverage for all these months?

But if you were going to rig an election, why choose Donald Trump?

Donald’s Already Been Neutered

Yesterday, I heard Thom Hartman on the Thom Hartman Show explain to his final caller that he believed that 'Trump would be neutered' by the establishment now that he is the GOP presumptive nominee.  Hartman cited Trumps long-known ties to the mob and organized crime, which would effectively make him vulnerable to blackmail and thus playing ball, a.k.a. neutered. I vehemently disagree!

In a strange coincidence, the only reason I caught Thom’s answer about Trumps connections to organized crime was because I was waiting to catch Democracy Now!  To my surprise, guest Tom Robbins spoke out on the very subject of Trump’s connection to organized crime in DN’s 5/04/16 episode titled, Slickest Con Man Out of NYC. 

As a result, I wholeheartedly disagree with Thom that Trump will be neutered.  I believe Trump already has been neutered.  In my view, that is WHY he ran under the Republican ticket in the first place. 

Problem-Reaction-Solution (P-R-S)

Meanwhile, those GOP members who are not in the loop, have been scratching their heads and questioning The Donald’s loyalty to GOP principles, citing time and time again that he has expounded many more liberal policies than conservative ones over the years.  Not only do they not trust his conservative alignment, they have been coming out directly and indirectly to oppose him.

On a side note, did anyone else notice when The Donald strutted out to the podium fresh from his Indiana victory and still savoring Ted Cruz’s surrender, that he was sporting a brilliant sky blue tie?  Go Democrats!

But back to the befuddled GOP regarding Trumps new conservative leaf; the reason they are so confused is because nobody ever explained P-R-S to them: Problem-Reaction-Solution.

It’s a covert operating principle that is as simple as it sounds.  If you want to steer the public in a certain direction, create a Problem (=Trump), a problem that will get a predictable Reaction (=OMG) so you can step in with the demanded Solution (=Hillary).

So you rig the election to insure the Donald wins on the GOP side – and make sure you leave plenty of horrors in his wake to point to later. You rig Hillary’s votes to make sure she is the Dem.’s candidate, and Viola!  The entire country is running into Hillary’s arms to save us from The Donald – even Republicans!

So my theory, supported by substantial evidence, is:

That’s why Trump entered the GOP Presidential bid, that’s why the mainstream networks have devoted themselves to him almost exclusively, that’s why he claimed he could shoot someone and still not lose any voters and that’s why he has been winning by a landslide wherever he goes despite polling so unfavorably. 

Because this Presidential election cycle - and America’s new Commander and Chief - was picked long ago and her elevation to the CIC (read sick) is, and will be, orchestrated until the General Elections. All Hail Hillary!

Except there turned out to be one fly in the ointment.

Everything was going along just fine for America’s handlers right until that pesky Sanders showed up, started speaking truth to power, attracted millions of followers and now just won’t go away! And why aren't we going away?





Okay, we can take off our tinfoil hats now – unless they help us see the truth after all.