Sunday, April 17, 2016

The New York Daily News, Secretary Clinton & New York Values

Last week, the New York Daily News endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in the 2016 Presidential campaign. 

Touting her as a “cauldron-tested globalist” and extolling her virtues, they begin winding down their argument for their support by announcing “These truths about America’s most well-known public figure are long past debating among Democrats.”

Well, I’m a long-time registered Democrat and the vetting of Secretary Clinton is NOT long past.  In fact, based on the NY Daily News arguments, they haven’t even begun to tell the truth about Secretary Clinton.

Despite their own Juan Gonzalez calling out Clinton on her pivotal blood-curdling role in the Honduran coup of 2009 during the Editorial Boards interview, and despite Mr. Gonzalez penning his own views about Secretary Clinton a few days later in, “Hillary Clinton’s Policy Was A Latin American Crime Story,”  somehow these guys feel it’s okay to look the other way at her direct orchestration of the ongoing genocide of the Honduran and Latin American people.

In a recent Democracy Now! segment that began with Mr. Gonzalez asking Secretary Clinton about her leadership in Honduras, guest Dana Frank goes on to lay Clinton bare for the “mind-boggling lies” presented in her response.

Despite clear-cut evidence proving Secretary Clinton knew it was a military coup of the democratically elected President Zelaya, or that our own American Ambassador to Honduras detailed the illegal and illegitimate take-over of the country in a point-by-point explanation, Clinton covered it up to keep American tax dollars flowing to the new regime.

Apparently, the New York Daily News Editorial Board thinks it’s okay that Secretary Clinton committed completely illegal actions when she refused to tell the us – or the world - the truth about what had occurred in Honduras.  And based on her response to the Board, she’s still lying through her teeth.

I have considered myself a reasonably educated person with respect to American politics and foreign policy, have spent a lot of time watching and reading a wide variety of news from as many sources as I can find about a lot of different issues.  But somehow, the tragedy of Honduras managed to completely slip under my radar.  So I set about to learn more.

As I peeled back layer upon layer of Secretary Clinton’s involvement in the propping up of the current horrendous regime, I discovered a whole lot of information is out there about what happened, and continues to happen, because of her choices. 

To summarize these events would be doing a disservice to both the Honduran and American people. The story reads like a bad déjà vu of what has already occurred for too long in Latin America.

It’s filled with the usual American interference in democratically elected leaders who aspire to provide more for their people, how that aspiration threatens U.S. economic and military interests, and how our policies are used to prop up brutal dictators to steal wealth from the people in exchange for increased American military presence and flourishing multi-national privatization policies.

As Honduran refugees have streamed out of the country by the tens of thousands in efforts to escape what Clinton helped create, she has had zero sympathy for their plight.

But it’s not just Secretary Clinton’s activities in Honduras that should send a chill down your spine. It also spreads to much of Latin America as highlighted in a recent article from The Nation titled, “A Voter’s Guide To Hillary Clinton’s Policies In Latin America."

While reflecting on Secretary Clinton’s policy “to send them back” regarding the Latin America refugee crisis, I was struck by the similarity between her and Donald Trumps anti-immigrant platform, a platform he recently choose to exploit in the small New York town of Patchogue, just yards away “from the site of a deadly hate crime attack” on unsuspecting Hispanics as highlighted in the Rachael Maddows Show aired on April 14, 2016.

From there it didn’t take too long to connect the dots.  Both Clinton and Trump are leading in the New York polls ahead of Tuesday’s primaries.  Both Clinton and Trump have, and continue to support, dehumanizing policies with respect to Latinos and other minorities.

While I’ve always considered the deep South to be the ugliest root of racism in America, by contrast, I had imagined New York a progressive, cutting edge whirlwind of diversity. 

But with New Yorks' long standing stop-and-frisk policies levied against the black community, Clintons direct involvement in establishing and fostering governments who routinely commit genocide against Latino’s in Honduras and elsewhere in Latin America, (not to mention her views on "super-predators") and The Donalds' unabashed pro-persecution stance on migrants, suddenly I began to see New Yorkers in a totally different light.  

Now the “Empire State” has a whole new meaning for me.

If promoting hate crimes, racism, imperialism and genocide are what “New York values” stand for, count me out! 

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