Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Radio Silence On The Clinton's Connections To The Panama Papers

Ever since the Panama Papers story broke, I have routinely combed the Internet in search of breaking news and stories. In less than a week, the political fall out outside the U.S. was immense and continues to grow. Except, not really. 

After their initial release, stories about connections to major political and financial figures linked to Mossack Fonseca, trickled to one agonizing drip at a time. 

Perhaps this wasn’t noticed much by mainstream America because even at its height, most of the major television news networks (CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.) provided almost no coverage of the stories except the smallest little blurps. 

Unlike China’s immediate censorship of their own links to high-ranking figures connected to the firms off shore tax havens, the American media has not been so honest.  Of course, no formal censorship plan was announced by the corporately owned media, they just didn’t cover it much- end of story. 

Though there has been some crying foul at the suspicious lack of American’s listed in the Panama Papers, two names have surfaced, not once, but twice, in two separate incidences. 

Can you guess who they might be?  Our very own Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

The first story revolved around The Podesta Group, a big time lobbying group in D.C.  The CEO is Tony Podesta and his company is touted as one of the best-connected Democratic insider groups in the country.  His brother, John, was the former chief of staff to Bill Clinton and then moved on to become a counselor to President Obama. 

Today, the Podesta brothers are hard at work on the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential bid with Tony being the big money bundler for the campaign while John sits at the helm as Hillary’s campaign manager. 

The Podesta Group was found to have ties to one of the shadiest banks in Russia as well.

Three days ago, the second story broke. Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton Connections. 

Some issues highlighted include ties that stretch back more than 40 years to Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as donors to the Clinton foundation who used the Panamanian law firm. 

And we are talking, big, big money here. 

Of course, with three days until the New York primaries, the Clinton connections to the Panama Papers were plastered all over the news networks – NOT!  

Wouldn’t want the voters to actually have a glimpse at whom – and what - they might be voting for.  There’s more ways to rig an election than one might suspect and not telling people what is really going on with the candidates is a great place to start. 

Since it’s probably to late to inform many New Yorker’s before they cast their ballots today, there’s still time left for the remaining states to learn a little more about Secretary Clinton before they head to their own polls. 

I ran into a great article that has more info and links than I have time to compile and provides some excellent food for thought.  Check out 27 Honest Questions For Hillary Supporters.  

Here's a glimpse of what it contains: 
Consider that we never got the full picture.  Consider that, due to the accessibility of information that's now available to us, previously obscured facts can now be found with relative ease - with a bit of (Hashtag-HillaryResearch).  Consider that not every attack on Clinton's record is coming from the right-wing or is due to her being a woman, but may actually be rooted in reality.  Consider that we've been sold a public personality - one that's managed by strategists and public relations masters.  Consider that the U.S. ranks 49th in the world in terms of freedom of the press, that our media options are limited (Time Warner, CNN's parent company, is the 8th largest contributor to Clinton's campaign), and that they have their own agenda (see: $$). Consider that when Clinton's record is viewed as a whole, there's a consistent narrative that can be understood.   
We must ask ourselves:  at what point are we willing to let go of the image we've been sold and instead look at valid criticisms?  What does it say about our society when we're more loyal to a party that's been sold to corporate interests than we are towards our own human interests? 
As for waiting to hear more from the mainstream media about the Clinton's connections to the Panama Papers, don't hold your breath.

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